• Martina Lennon

5 Simple and Effective Public Speaking Tips

Updated: May 7

Maybe your an experienced public speaker or perhaps the thought of standing in front of a congregation of curious onlookers makes you break out in a cold sweat - either way these tips will come in useful.

1. Be Prepared

Create your presentation making notes on what points you would like to discuss on each slide. Practice in front of a family member or friend and get their feedback so you can improve on any bad habits.

2. Know Your Audience

Do your research. Who are your audience and what do they wish to gain from listening to you? Ensure that the content, language, tone and body language is appropriate for the audience.

3. Don't Talk Right Away

If you walk out on stage and start talking straight away it can make you look slightly insecure and fearful. Instead walk out, find your place, take a deep breath and begin. It shows the audience that you are in charge and confident in the situation.

4. Make Eye Contact

Scanning the audience as you speak can give a sense of disconnection. Instead try to pick specific audience members and speak directly to them. When you finish each point/sentence move onto the next audience member. This way you're having a conversation with the audience. Not speaking at them but rather with them.

5. Say Thank You!

It might sound obvious, right? But the relief of getting through the entire presentation without fainting may cause us to forget to thank our audience for their time and applause. Show your gratitude.



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