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3 Tips to Let Go of Your Inner Control Freak

Did you know that 1-in-3 businesses outsource some business processes? Small business owners often struggle the most, even when outsourcing to a virtual assistant, because they can’t get out of their own way.

You put a lot of time and effort into your business. You’ve nurtured it, handled more tasks than one person can manage for a long period of time, and have a strong emotional attachment to your brand. But if you want to grow your business and focus more on the tasks that keep your sales pipeline full, you need to do two things:

  • Get out of your own way to success, and

  • Delegate tasks that you don’t want or have time to do.

If your business is going to grow, you need a way to focus on the big picture rather than the smaller tasks that are better offloaded to someone else. Even if you don’t want to hire an employee, you can begin outsourcing to a virtual assistant to free up your valuable time.

As a virtual assistant for coaches, I know that fear is holding your business back.

Fear is Creeping into Your Business Decisions

Fear can be a good thing in business because it helps owners learn about risk management and make smart decisions. But fear can also be detrimental and lead to stagnation, which no business owner wants.

Statistically, only 29% of businesses with less than 50 employees are likely to outsource.

There are a few elements at play here:

  • Owners are afraid to let go of control (we’ll cover this in-depth shortly).

  • You're afraid that you’re not ready to hire someone.

  • You don’t think someone else will do a good enough job.

Letting go of control is a major issue when hiring a virtual assistant or outsourcing to anyone. When you’ve poured your time, energy and savings into a business, a control freak can be born.

If you think that you’re the only person that can complete 99% of your business’ tasks, you likely fall into this category.

But don’t worry, you can deal with this inner control freak using the simple tips outlined below.

3 Tips to Let Go of the Inner Control Freak Holding Your Business Hostage

Your decisions dictate your business’ success and growth. If you want to let go of your inner control freak, you can by following these three tips:

  1. Challenge your thought process. Fear is often irrational, so challenge the thoughts that you’re having. If you offload non-vital tasks, what’s the worst that could happen? You miss an email? You miss a customer’s call? The virtual assistant doesn’t do the task properly? Or, the assistant may do everything right, and you save a ton of time not performing non-vital tasks.

  2. Start small. Getting over fear often means confronting fear incrementally. Hire an assistant for a week, and re-evaluate to see the pros and cons of your decision. You can also hire someone to complete research or contact 100 leads, and if everything works out, you freed up a lot of time.

  3. Provide ample guidance. Whether you’re hiring an employee or outsourcing, providing detailed instructions or guidelines is important. There's a reason why a lot of jobs offer training – it drives results. Providing outlines, instructions or examples to assistants can help ease your mind that they’ll do the job up to your standards.

When you finally let go and start outsourcing to a virtual assistant, you’ll:

  • Improve your customer service

  • Free up your time to work on important tasks

  • Position your business for growth

  • Be able to hire top-tier talent

And since you’re not bringing on an employee, you don’t have the overheads with a virtual assistant like you do with an employee. For small business owners, outsourcing some of your tasks is the key to business growth and success.

Why not book a free consultation with me to discuss your business needs.

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